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As Consultants, we are able to provide an array of diversified services. Our services are designed to foresee any potential problems during the design, fabrication, construction or post occupancy phasesof the projects we are involved with. Such services are implemented through written protocols after the scope of the project and our level of involvement has been established with the client.



Pre-design, Design Development and Production Document Services


MCWC pre-design, design development and production document services allow us to assist our clients with building a solid foundation when pursuing a project. We work closely with all our clients to provide them with critical support during the initial development phases.


  • Project Programming
  • Design Criteria Studies
  • Material Selection
  • Existing Conditions Survey
  • Feasibility Study
  • Specification Writing
  • Production of Construction Documents
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Review of shop drawings and calculations


Pursuant to the requirements of the bid documents, Miami Curtain Wall Consultants Corp. review and process all necessary shop drawings to ensure complete fabrication and installation of all required project components. MCWC verify the structural calculations against the design pressures noted on the Notice of Acceptance (N.O.A.) for the product to be installed. We also compare the N.O.A.’s to the shop drawings, confirming that the selected system has been approved by the local jurisdiction.

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Peer Review of Construction Documents


Also identified as a Critique Review, this service entails an overall comprehensive coordination plan review. The plan review includes code compliance, life safety and constructability of the working drawings. The Construction Documents should be approximately 80% complete for a full coordination review in conjunction with all the disciplines involved. The disciplines generally include: Architectural, Structural, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Landscape and Interior Design as applicable per project.

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Threshold and Special Inspections


Threshold buildings require dedicated "Threshold" inspectors that are specifically assigned to perform structural inspections in such buildings. According to the Florida Building Code, building officials may assign special inspectors to a project. Miami Curtain Wall Consultants Corp. provides Special and Threshold inspectors upon request allowing us to achieve client satisfaction pursuant to all Building Code requirements. MCWC will provide a statement of inspection defining and agreeable disposition over the installation of the project, upon satisfactory completion of the inspection plan.

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Quality Control Services


  • Shop Inspections during Manufacturing and Erection Phase of Project
  • Exterior Wall Testing and Documentation
  • Owner / Developer Field Representation
  • Implement Quality Control Procedures
  • Field Air and Water Tests
  • Dew- Frost Point Testing


MCWC takes the initiative to observe and inspect each process of installation in the shop and field to insure that all parts specified are assembled correctly. Upon receipt of the projects shop drawings, MCWC evaluate and review the necessary details to insure proper installation on the job site. During this process MCWC compare the details and connections of the fully constructed assembly to the manufacturer's specifications and to the Notice of Acceptance (N.O.A.)

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As Waterproofing consultants, we are able to study the environmental diseases and physical abnormalities that afflict today's construction practices. Understanding such causes and the consequential effects, enables us with the ability to develop a waterproofing and restoration plan with detailed specifications to solve today's problems.


MCWC makes every effort to provide our clients with recommendations and solutions to prevent any passage of water or air through the exterior envelope of the building.


We provide a full scope of inspection services covering all aspects of the structure; from below grade to the roof. We are familiar with the use of Bentonite technology, Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic injection chemical grout, coatings for planters and decks and Benogrouting for basements, tunnels and elevator pits.


Epoxy Injections:
MCWC also covers the full range of epoxy injections, from low viscosity ( used in deep thin structural cracks), injection gels, soil stabilization, underwater injections systems, flexible epoxy for high traffic industrial floor joints, the new Polyurea technology, epoxy deck coatings and the newest technology of structural repair known as "cross stitching".


Expansion Joints:
MCWC covers the full range of expansions joints from compression joint technology, pre-formed joints for parking decks and bridges, interior stainless steel joints, compression joints for portable water tanks, the typical Peterson joint and perimeter sealants.

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Miami Curtain Wall Consultants employ specialists for each building envelope subcategory. Our glazing, exterior wall systems, waterproofing and roof experts provide an expertise that is second to none.
Miami Curtain Wall - Experts in building envelope, glass and glazing, waterproofing, roofing and curtain wall consultant
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